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The Alamo

The Alamo

Here we have a special pen for those who love all things Texan. This pen is made from African Blackwood and Boxelder Burl.
The inlay work is laser cut and hand inlayed. The hardware is black titanium. It can be either a fountain pen for 165.00 + S&H
or it can be a rollerball for 155.00 + S&H.  A unique pen for the person who loves a fine pen and the Alamo.

PC Boards

That's right.These pens started out as computer boards. Through a process I developed I am able to create beautiful pens for the electronics lover. These pens all use a Parker style refill. I can upgrade any of these pens to gel for an additional $5.00. From left to right: green board from a laser printer chrome finish $100.00 SOLD, Blue gigabyte motherboard chrome finish $100.00 SOLD, Red Video card rhodium plating $115.00 SOLD purple ECS motherboard black titanium click pen 100.00,SOLD and finally another purple ECS motherboard black titanium click pen 100.00. All prices do not include shipping and handling.

PC Board Pens

This is a super sized pen known as the emperor.

The hardware on both pens is rhodium, a member of the platinum family. The fountain pen on the left is Desert Ironwood.  Nothing beats a Fountain pen for smooth writing and with this pen you can use bottled ink with the premium Schmit pump or use cartridges for convenience. The rollerball pen on the right is Black Ash Burl. The smooth Schmit rollerball cartridge makes this a winner when you write with it. The excellent balance and heft make of these fine pens will make writing a joy. A massive pen for the executive or anyone who a fine writing instrument .

  • Desert Ironwood Fountain Pen 160.00 + S&H
  • Black Ash Burl Rollerball 150.00 + S&H 
Emperor Pens

Item 401, 402, 403, 404 AND 405

From left to right: Wyoming Prairie Rattler skin black titanium trim 100.00 SOLD Australian Snakewood copper trim 95.00 Red Dyed Python black chrome trim 90.00 Natural Python black chrome trim 90.00 SOLD Blue Dyed Cobra black titanium trim 115.00 SOLD
Snake Pens

Jigsaw Puzzle Pen

  • Multiple wood species with Black titanium fittings.
  • Uses Shmidt, Houser or Waterman rollerball refills. Will even work with Pilot G-2 if that is your thing!
  • A real work of pocket art.
  • Own something really unique! this one won't last.
  • 180.49 SOLD
Jigsaw Puzzle Pen

Red Dyed Corn Cob Pen

Red Dyed Corn Cob

Gold Trim Rollerball Pen
40.00 SOLD

Nickel Silver Pen

Nickel Silver

Black Titanium Roller Ball Pen
110.00 + S&H


And now for something completely different! These pens are made from yarn. That's right yarn like a person would use for knitting. This is the multi-colored yarn you see on the shelf at the fabric store. My wife and daughter said I was nuts when I told them what I was making it out of. When I was done they were no longer laughing at me. Why not give one to some one who knits or crochets? This would be a memorable gift! From the left: violet to magenta black titanium finish Parker refill. Rainbow yarn satin silver button click pen Parker refill variegated green Black titanium finish Parker refill, greens to blue to violet rollerball pen gold plating, variegated blue rollerball pen gold plating. Upgrade to gel in any Parker style pen for only $5.00 more.

  • Your Choice 55.00 + S&H
Yarn Pens